Van de Holland Outdoor Plants b.v. deliver indoor and garden plants to garden centers, florists and wholesalers throughout England. This leading supplier is based in Wijk en Aalburg, in the south of Holland, as well as in the Westland flower and plants auction, the horticultural region between Rotterdam and the Hague. By using their own transport and drivers who know and understand their clientele, delivery is quick and efficient.
Delivery takes place 5 times a week to the U.K. from Tuesday to Saturday. Plants are bought from the Westland auction and also a substantial volume from quality growers across Europe including Holland, Germany and Italy. In Westland, Holland Outdoor Plants re-distribute and divide these plants into various customers consignments for delivery. Their main aim is get the best plants for the best price and get them quickly to the U.K. so that their customers can sell these and continue to place orders.

The reason why Holland Outdoor Plants can deliver so quickly is because they maintain a high level of hardy nursery stock on their own nursery in Wijk en Aalburg where they have a buxus nursery of 2 acres and a 1 acre container field.


The lorries of Holland Outdoor Plants (6 in total), take the ferry to the UK during the day in order to be able to unload with the first customers in the evening. ‘Many customers like this system as it gives them the possibility to start sales of the newly arrived plants early the next morning. Loyal customers are the first to be served on arrival. If a customer forgets to order something, we will try to deliver it the next day even if it is a small quantity’ commented Holland Outdoor Plants. ‘The quality of customer service is also very important for us at our company. Respect is the basis for a good commercial and personal relationship between Holland Outdoor Plants and its customers. ‘If our customer treats us well, we will treat him in the same way. If our customer is looking for a special type of plant, even if it is a single plant, we will do our utmost to find it for him.

We also invite our customers over to Holland when there are major shows about four times a year and to have a look on our home nursery and growers and the auction, so that they can see what happens here and they also can buy what they see. That is especially good for the big selling day’s like bank holiday’s, Easter and Christmas.